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Protection That Brings

Peace of Mind

Many people think of video surveillance as the best way to catch crime in action. While that is certainly one of their functions, they also help to prevent crimes from happening in the first place. Cameras placed in and around the property of your business can serve as a deterrent for vandalism and theft, thereby reducing monetary losses. In addition, they increase security and maximize productivity in the workplace. BackBone Integrations can design the best system for your environment or easily integrate additional cameras into an existing system to offer cost-effective and scalable solutions. 

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IP & Network Cameras

Higher resolutions and more efficient compression technology.

Fixed & Varifocal Lens

Cameras  with single view or several views which can be controlled remotely.

Wired & Wireless

Communicate over Wi-Fi or use wires to transmit footage to a network video recorder (NVR).

Bullet & Dome

Cameras small in nature; and Cameras designed to withstand the elements.

Indoor & Outdoor

Cameras for any application, Lighting condition and environment.

PTZ & Panoramic

Features a rotating lens with directional and zoom capabilities.

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