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The New Reality of


The pandemic has provided forward-thinking businesses the opportunity to invest in new product development, new processes, and staff members to strengthen customer relationships and their position in the market. The integration of audio visual technology is in demand due to the strong need of virtual collaboration and the desire of the public for interactive displays that feed the senses. BackBone Integrations has a team of experts ready to consult, design and implement the needed technologies within your organization while providing on-going support as the needs of your business evolve.

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Video Walls

Captivate your audience and tell your story with a high resolution video wall.

Video Conferencing

Seamlessly facilitate connections and collaboration in the workplace.

Digital Signage

Promote, guide, inform, educate or entertain customers and clients.

Sound Masking

Reduce noise distraction, protect privacy and improve acoustics.

Conference Rooms

Improve meeting engagement with updated conference room technology.

Automated Lighting

Enhance the effect of any event, display or environment with automated lighting.

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